Burma/Myanmar’s military junta year of brutality since their attempted illegal coup

01 Feb 2022

One year on since the military junta of Burma/Myanmar attempted an illegal coup, the junta continues to carry out a campaign of terror against its people, aimed at suppressing any opposition to its rule. The military has plunged the country into dire political, economic, human rights and humanitarian crises.

On 1st February 2021 the military junta arrested the country’s elected civilian leaders and declared a state of emergency. Millions of people took to the streets to protest. The military junta’s response was, and continues to be, brutal. Security forces have carried out crimes against humanity including arbitrary arrest, torture, killings, forced portering, sexual assault and rape against civilians including healthcare workers, activists, journalists, politicians and others. In the past year, over 1,500 civilians have been killed; almost 12,000 activists, journalists and others have been detained, including women and children; hundreds have been forcibly disappeared. The military junta have launched aerial bombardments and ground offensives in ethnic minority areas, forcing over 300,000 to flee their homes. Humanitarian aid has been blocked, food and medical supplies have been destroyed. The widespread and systematic nature of the junta’s massacres, attacks and other atrocities suggest that these are not isolated incidents but reflect the junta’s policy of suppressing the opposition.

Eileen Seymour, Burma Action Ireland, said “The level of sheer cruelty being perpetrated on the people is barbaric and deeping all the time. Yet, despite these circumstances, the people continue to resist. The international community must take immediate action to cut the flow of money and weapons to the military junta and to end the impunity for the perpetrators of grave violations of human rights.”

Burma Action Ireland (BAI) are calling for:

*  UN Security Council to impose a coordinated global arms embargo
*  Sanctions on any aspect of the supply of aviation fuel to Burma/Myanmar
*  Sanctions on gas and oil revenue, including sanctions on companies that provide services to the gas industry in Burma such as insurance and certification.
*  Sanctions targeted at the Office of the Quarter Master General and other military bodies responsible for the purchase and manufacturing of arms
*  UN Secretary General, Mr. António Guterres, to personally lead the UN efforts to respond to the crisis in Burma/Myanmar
*  Provision of cross-border assistance urgently and directly to local civil society organisations, community-based organisations and associated networks
*  Urge Ireland to support justice and accountability through political support for legal cases taken at the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court.

Burma Action Ireland

email: info@burmaactionireland.org web: www.burmaactionireland.org