Ongoing Conflict in Kachin State

Attacks in Kachin state resumed five years ago.
* More than 100,000 civilians have been forced to flee their homes.
* The Burmese Army has used rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war.
* The government and military are restricting humanitarian aid to those forced to flee their homes. What aid is getting through isn’t nearly enough.

BC UK Supporting Peace and Justice in Burma

Take action: Rohingya refugees

Please write to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres asking him to personally take the lead in negotiating access for humanitarian aid to all areas in Burma’s Rakhine State. A draft email is outlined.



There is a growing humanitarian and human rights crisis in Arakan State, with over 688,000 Rohingya people now living in refugee camps in Bangladesh

Take Action to release political prisoners. 

As of January 2018, the AAPP-B outlined that there were still 45 political prisoners in Burma

Please take action to help free Mading Zau Bawk

Mading Zau Bawk is a 23-year-old Kachin farmer who was arrested in May 2012.  While he was farming, he was arrested by Burmese Army 37th battalion on suspicion of being a solider from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA).  He was kept in a dark cell for several days when he was first arrested. During interrogation, he was beaten and hit on the head with a gun. He was brutally tortured and forced to confess.
According to a family member, he has been suffering pain all over his body due to severe beatings and he has had trouble hearing.

He is currently still on trial and he has been charged under the Unlawful Associations Act 17(1), which the military-backed government in Burma uses to ban people from associating with pro-democracy groups.
The military-backed government in Burma should stop using unlawful arrest and torture against innocent civilians.

Please take action for the release of Mading Zau Bawk and the remaining political prisoners in Burma.








BAI Newsletter 2014: 1

31 Mar 2014

The current newsletter highlights the problems surrounding the census underway in Burma and the ‘epidemic’ of landgrabbing.

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